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TreeSmart™ engineered plank flooring is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility on a 30-acre site in Glasgow, Kentucky. In the heart of the Appalachian mountains, our location allows us to be in the middle of the most diverse hardwood forests providing us with the highest quality timber base available in North America.

The same 60 years of experience that Saroyan brings to solid wood flooring has been applied to TreeSmart™ engineered plank flooring. Designed from the ground up with technology pioneered by Saroyan, our Kentucky plant is specifically designed to manufacture the finest engineered plank flooring in the country. And, with warehouses on the West Coast and inventory and manufacturing in the heart of the Midwest, we offer quick and efficient shipping to any point in the nation.

We maintain the largest and most diverse inventory of raw materials in the country and can respond to in-stock orders of engineered plank flooring almost immediately. It also gives us the ability to manufacture to custom specifications with a normal turnaround time of about two weeks on any job, large
or small.

Each TreeSmart™ team member is a quality control expert dedicated to maintaining the superior quality that defines the Saroyan reputation. Consistent hardwood and stringent appearance grading, coupled with a Premium Exterior Type 1 Birch platform, make TreeSmart™ engineered plank flooring a truly value-engineered product.

And, as always, our hands-on management style means you'll benefit from competent, quality people that have generations of woodworking experience to give you the advantage needed in today's competitive marketplace.

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