Eastern Hard Maple Engineered Flooring

  Eastern Hard Maple
Engineered Flooring

First Grade

The most consistent and
premium of grades, free of all
knots and heartwood, producing
an all-white floor with minimal
character markings.

2nd Grade

Free of all knots, containing an unlimited
amount of heartwood and sapwood to
produce a floor with high contrast
between white and light brown tones.
Eastern Hard Maple engineered
flooring is known for its light and
bright appearance and high
contrast, ranging from the nearly
pure white of First Grade to
the medium brown tones
of Second Grade.
TreeSmart™ Eastern Hard
Maple is harvested from the
finest maple forests
in the country.
Eastern Hard
flooring is one
of the hardest
wood flooring

Eastern Hard Maple is rock-solid in hardness and has been the wood of choice for basketball courts, bowling alleys and baseball bats because of its extraordinary strength and durability. Harvested from the Northeastern United States, home to the finest Maple forests in the country, TreeSmart™ Eastern Hard Maple engineered flooring is well-suited to any setting where a light and bright floor is desired.

TreeSmart™ First Grade Eastern Hard Maple engineered
flooring is distinguished by its whiteness and superior
uniformity, with no heartwood. Our stringent, hand
grading results in a consistent floor that is unmatched in
the marketplace. Our Second Grade Eastern Hard Maple

engineered flooring contains sapwood and an unlimited amount of light brown heartwood, giving it more contrast and character streaks.

Each has a drastically different appearance from the other and offers a wide range of design possibilities. Both are the highest grade of North American Maple available today.

*Not recommended for dry climates or over radiant heat.



Also available in 3/4" solid hardwood

Like a fingerprint, each piece of TreeSmart™ Engineered Flooring, as well as the finished floor, is unique. Wide variations in character markings, color and grain should be expected and appreciated for their inherent beauty. Photos on this website are for reference and inspiration only. The actual floor characater and colors will vary.