Custom Engineered Flooring

Unlimited Design

TreeSmart™ Engineered Flooring is manufactured as unfinished, end-matched, tongue and groove plank with a square edge. A multitude of custom engineered flooring features open up a world of other design possibilities. TreeSmart™ craftsmen are passionate about woodworking and use their generations of experience to manufacture to any unusual specification or species requirement for custom engineered flooring.

Unlike other manufacturers, our state-of-the art facility in Kentucky can easily accommodate any custom engineered flooring request. We maintain a large inventory of raw material, so we can respond to most custom orders within two weeks.

Custom Capabilities
flooring with
Custom Capabilities Samples
  • Custom Species
  • We can manufacture any species as custom engineered flooring, from Alder to
    Zebrawood, to meet any design specification.
    (View custom species).

  • Custom Lengths, Widths or
    Color Selections
  • Design possibilities are virtually unlimited.

  • Custom Edges
  • Choose from machined square, beveled or radius edges or hand-distressed to meet any custom engineered flooring specifications.

  • Hand-scraped and Distressed
  • Thoughtfully recreating Old World methods, our artisans hand craft each individual piece of wood to bring out its own inherent personality and the impression of age.

  • Pegging
  • Non-structural pegging is available in many round and square designs, and sizes to add a look of antiquity and period styling to custom engineered flooring.

  • Parquet Patterns
  • TreeSmart™ has added a new dimension to custom engineered flooring with the ability to recreate any hardwood pattern - from a simple herringbone to the most complex custom pattern. It gives you the practicality of engineered flooring with the design options usually found only in solid hardwood.

Matching Accessories

A complete, professional installation is easy with an in-stock program of coordinating treads, risers, nosings and reducers. Custom mouldings and accessories can also be special ordered from your TreeSmart™ sales representative.