Brazilian Cherry-Jatoba Engineered Flooring

  Brazilian Cherry-Jatoba
Engineered Flooring

Mixed Grain

The most consistent and
free of all defects, containing
both plainsawn and
quartersawn grain patterns.


Free of all defects. All pieces
selected for unique, straight
grain appearance.
The unusual character of Brazilian
Cherry-Jatoba engineered flooring
is an ideal choice for dramatic and
unusual flooring treatments.
This South American Species is
becoming a popular choice for
distinctive flooring projects.
is extremely
durable ranking
among the top
of the list
of wood species
for hardness.

Recognized immediately for its distinctive pinkish salmon red color to a darker orange brown, Brazilian Cherry-Jatoba engineered flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for unusual woodworking and flooring projects.

Like many exotic hardwoods, Brazilian Cherry-Jatoba engineered flooring ranks near the top of the list in terms of durability. Depending on the amount of sunlight it receives and how the floor is finished, Brazilian Cherry-Jatoba engineered flooring will often undergo a pronounced color change after installation, darkening to the rich, reddish color most often found in this attractive wood.

*Not recommended for dry climates or over radiant heat.



Also available in 3/4" solid hardwood

Like a fingerprint, each piece of TreeSmart™ Engineered Flooring, as well as the finished floor, is unique. Wide variations in character markings, color and grain should be expected and appreciated for their inherent beauty. Photos on this website are for reference and inspiration only. The actual floor characater and colors will vary.